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calle ameln

A Swedish singer/songwriter with a background from hardrock/metal, Calle Ameln adds attitude to an otherwise fairly clean cut mix of genres such as country/rock/alternative/acoustic/folk... blended together with powerful melodies.


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"Adding some attitude to Country Rock"


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"Calle has the grainy, gritty voice of a country music singer you would expect to find in the Nashville Hall of Fame --- unique brand of country rock that fans of both genres will love"

-Ryan Stabile, 2016.


"His voice - warm, worn and husky - delivers with conviction and emotion right from the kick-off --- Calle Ameln sounds like he just walked straight out of the American Midwest alongside Johnny Mellencamp and Bob Seger… a really long, long way from his Swedish roots!"

-Rick Jamm, Jamsphere 2016.


"Revolution On The Rocks is sung with just the right mixture of attitude and heart. Effortlessly blending elements of country, hard rock, and even a little bit of metal, the songs simply soar."

-Beachsloth 2016.


"On “Salty Dog”, Calle Ameln proves to be an absolute master at unveiling complex truths with deceptively simple technique and a rigorous lack of pretense. If there was any justice in the music industry, Calle Ameln would become a household name in his genre."

-Rick Jamm, Jamsphere 2016.


"There are glimmers of a very interesting project here --- one worth keeping tabs on."

-Brett David Stewart, The Independent Spotlight 2016.


"Nice melodies that are very catchy. --- Calle Ameln is definitely an artist to keep an eye on."

-Keith Pro, Indiebandguru 2016.


"It was a beautiful song. --- It sent shivers down my spine!"

-Audiokite report 2016 on "I Don't Feel Down"


"On key with great expression in every note sung. Talented singer who has good originality and knows how to sing. Rhythmic and entertaining lyrics tie this song all together along with the talented electric guitar playing and drumming. This has great potential."

-Reverbnation Crowd Review 2016 on "Revolution"


"Definitely a commercial success."

-Reverbnation Crowd Review 2016 on "Revolution"


"I love this vocalist's voice and it's full of attitude. --- Love the voice and style of music."

-Reverbnation Crowd Review 2016 on "I Don't Feel Down"




In These Arms


I Know My Whiskey

by Calle Ameln

Revolution On The Rocks

by Calle Ameln


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Calle Ameln - I Know My Whiskey (Official music video)


Lyrics video for 'Is There A Chance'


I Don't Feel Down (demo version)

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